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Law Office of William J. Dyer

Attorney-at-Law ♦ Counselor ♦ Trial Advocate

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Introduction to an atypical courtroom lawyer

I chose not to hire advertising and marketing consultants to design this website. They too often produce fluff that smells like burnt plastic and tastes like "New Coke."


Instead, everything you read here, I wrote. I created the content, and I designed and posted each webpage.


I've written this site in the "first-person singular" voice, and it may strike you as rather conversational in tone, occasionally even "breezy." That is deliberate: I want this website to give you an accurate sense of how I think, write, and speak in real life. And if my refusal to run with the herd spooks you, then I'm not the right lawyer for you anyway.


I've provided very specific and detailed information on my credentials, experience, and philosophy. Throughout, I've included hyperlinks and cross-references so that you can drill down to test my assertions.


If you're a prospective client, this site will help you decide whether I'm the right lawyer for you. And if you're an adversary sizing me up — well, this site will probably be useful for that purpose, too.


You probably haven't seen me in court yet. Nevertheless, from the way I've organized and presented my case for myself here, you may draw reasonably well-informed inferences about my skills as an advocate for my clients.


This is not a typical law firm website. But I'm not a typical courtroom lawyer.


— Bill Dyer