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Law Office of William J. Dyer

Attorney-at-Law ♦ Counselor ♦ Trial Advocate

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Trial experience

I'm proud to have been the "first-chair" or lead lawyer in almost three dozen trials on the merits — including over 25 jury trials — in the state and federal courts. Those cases have had amounts in controversy ranging from just $200 to well over $200 million.
Indeed, two of the first-chair lawsuits I've tried to a conclusion were "bet the company" cases for publicly traded corporate clients — meaning if I'd lost, those companies would have closed their doors, laid off all their officers and employees, and liquidated all their assets at fire-sale prices.
I've also been among counsel of record — sitting in something other than a "first-chair" role, but learning my craft from some very good lawyers — in more than a dozen additional trials on the merits (including ten more jury trials).
Additionally, I've been lead counsel or among counsel of record in more than a dozen additional injunction or other contested evidentiary hearings. I've participated in eight contested corporate takeovers. And I've been lead appellate counsel, or had major roles in, more than a dozen appeals. 
Larger cases handled by senior lawyers tend go to trial only very rarely, and as much as I enjoy going to trial, circumstances just don't permit me to try as many cases now as I did when I was a young pup. But I manage to keep the rust knocked off: Since 2005, I've tried eight cases, including four first-chair jury trials that went to verdict.