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Law Office of William J. Dyer

Attorney-at-Law ♦ Counselor ♦ Trial Advocate

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Practice philosophy

"The life, so short! 
The craft, so long to learn." 

First Aphorism of Hippocrates
(as paraphrased by Geoffrey Chaucer
and rendered in modern English)


The public image of lawyers — driven by books, movies, and television — focuses almost exclusively on courtroom combat. In my practice, by contrast, I always serve in two separate (and sometimes competing) roles:

Objective counselor:  Protected by the privileged confidentiality of our attorney-client relationship, in this role, I answer your questions. But I also provide you with my most clear and candid advice. Those answers and that advice is based on not only my general experience, but also on my evaluation of the players, the facts, and the law of your particular dispute. Considering both objective and subjective factors, I help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your own positions, and compare those to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. And I'm duty-bound to give you both the good news and the bad, and to help you evaluate risks as well as possible benefits, so that you can then make informed decisions on the most important issues affecting your lawsuit. My advice, whether oral or written, comes in the same concrete style and conversational tone I use here — very thorough, but with the legal nuances translated into plain, vivid language that you will fully grasp and can therefore act upon with confidence.

Seasoned trial advocate:  Lawyer tricks and bombast make for entertaining movie and television fiction, but only because the scriptwriters can ensure they never backfire. Because real-life disputes come with real-life risks and consequences, I'm your always-eager and battle-tested gladiator — even when the private advice I've given you may necessarily have been grim. I fight hard to represent your interests and to parry attacks from your opponents. But I won't "fight dirty" to please a client. Instead, I stay within the bounds of the law, the Canons of Ethics, and the Texas Lawyer's Creed. (I urge you to read the Creed, especially Part II.) I rely for my effectiveness on candor, courtesy, good humor, and a studied, calculated relentlessness — backed up with my experience, preparation, and creativity. My gladiatorial experience includes all of the different arenas in which modern civil disputes are played out — including pre-suit negotiations; pretrial discovery and procedural hearings; mediations and other "alternative dispute resolution" proceedings; and full trials on the merits before either a jury or a judge (including any appeals).